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Glen Rose Formation (Croc like) vertebrae

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After several attempts to identify a vertebrae I had found in the upper Glen Rose Formation in Hood Co. Texas

Troodon had input that was helpful. His interpretation of the vert as being crockish had me digging deeper into attempting

an ID.

Although there is very little information of vertebrate finds in the Glen Rose material there is some.

I found it in Wikipedia as possibly: Genus Pachycheilosuchus, a crocodylomorph.

The description of the procoelous vertebrae has me bamfoozled.

It has a description of the verts as cupped  on the anterior and rounded as posterior.

Clearly mine is cupped on both. That is where the similiarity ends.

Hopefully over the next few trips to the site I will find more,

I think after reading the available papers some of theother bone material may be related the vert not turtle as we first suspected.

The croclike fossil is very small and was considered adult at ~ 2.0 Ft or 63.5 -80 cm.

If interested reply or just follow because I will post more information (ON THIS LINK) as it becomes available.


Jess B.

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You might try and find an organism found in the respective formation that has amphicoelous vertebrae.

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