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Waco (Texas) Mammoth Site Veteran Challenges Cause of Death of Mammoths

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Mammoth site veteran challenges study on drought as

cause of death By J.B. Smith, Waco Tribune-Herald,  April 8, 2017



What killed the Waco mammoths? Drought, not flood, a

new study suggests By J.B. Smith, Waco Tribune-Herald,  Jan. 27, 2017



Other web pages:


Waco Mammoth Site: Visitors can walk over the largest

concentration of Columbian mammoths to have died

from one event. Atlas Obscura



Waco Mammoth National Monument, Waco, Texas



Waco Mammoth National Monument, Waco, Texas

Meet a Mammoth that isn’t Woolly




Waco Mammoth National Monument Research papers



Nordt, L., Bongino, J., Forman, S., Esker, D. and Benedict,

 A., 2015. Late Quaternary environments of the Waco

Mammoth site, Texas USA. Quaternary Research, 84(3),






Paul H.

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The first time I visited what is now the Waco Mammoth Site back in the 1980s, the prevailing thought was that a lightning strike had killed all of those beasties.  Funny how things change, isn't it?  Thanks for the updates, Paul!



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