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A friend gave me directions to a locality in Huntingdon/Centre County PA. This is a excavation in the Lower Member of the Ordovician Reedsville Shale (possibly now called the Antes Shale). There were lots of Bryzooians, a variety of shells some with pyrite coatings, trilobites, and crinoid stem pieces. Most all of the fossils seemed to be casts/molds. The shale is so fissile that it was difficult to collect anything whole!I can't wait to get back and sped some time doing some actual digging & splitting though Wednesday was a beautiful day to spend in the woods. I probably would have collected more but kept getting distracted by the 3 or 4 kinds of butterflies flitting around. The last two photos show things that I'm not sure what they are. The circled item is on a small plate almost covered with bryzooians. 

Shell 1a.jpg

Shell 1b.jpg

Trilo 92017 2a.jpg

Trilo 92017 2b.jpg

Trilo tail 92017 a.jpg

Trilo tail 92017 b.jpg






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Great report and finds, Tim!   :) 

Always fun to get to a new place to hunt.

Those trilos look like Flexicalymene sp., perhaps.

Not sure what your odd one is, although I would guess some sort of coral.  :headscratch:

Thanks for posting them. 

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Nice! I miss central PA. I recall the Antes having Triarthrus trilobites also. 

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