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Vertebrate findings or geology??

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I have currently had some trouble indentifying some ichnofossils from this middle miocnen place, but I have ended up facing a big dilemma...

There are some pieces which do not have bony structure, at least on their surface , but I cannot identify with any ichnofossils type(pupal chambers, burrowings, galleries...). I have started to think actually whether or not I am facing vertebrate bones, although it has always been my last idea in mind.

The facies is continental and there have been findings of turtles, mastodonts and some equids nearby. I do not want to related these pieces with them but I jaut dont think geology can erode in these forms so many rocks in a 10 square meters area...

I post now some photos, and thanks in advance












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Well, I think taht with these examples it should be claer what Im talking about

I have recognised some of them as fossils. With the dentine of a mastodons molar(the first one) and a scute osteoderm of a turtle(the fourth picture starting from the end), but apart from that I do not have any idea of waht it could be

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