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Looking for Fossil Flora of the late Cretaceous/Early Tertiary...


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Hi All, 

I'm looking for good locations and formations of Fossil members of Cupressaceae and Araucariaceae, and any other conifer species that might apply, in the Western and Southwest United States. Any other known localities of good exposures of fossil flora in the US would be appreciated. I've visited John Day and the Chuckanut Formation, as well, so I'm already aware of those. Anybody know anything about LA Porte, California or Ione, California for fossil plants? Thanks in advance. 

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If You are looking for leaf fossils, the lahar formations along the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountains have some nice prints, but You have to work for them.

There are numerous petrified wood sites along the eastern side of the SN mountains also.

Cedarville, Ebbetts pass, Kramer junction , are the ones I know about. There are more.

There are also many sites in Nevada.

I am not a serious plant collector and do not usually seek them out, but will collect if that is where I am.


If You would like more information about the sites I mentioned, send Me a PM.



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