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DNA Study of Behavior of Woolly Mammoth

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Male mammoths more often fell into 'natural traps' and died,

DNA evidence suggests, Cell Press. November 2, 2017



Patrícia Penerová, David Díez-del-Molino, Nicolas Dussex,

Tatiana Feuerborn, Johanna von Seth, Johannes van der Plicht,

Pavel Nikolskiy, Alexei Tikhonov, and Sergey Vartanyan,

2017, Genome-Based Sexing Provides Clues about Behavior

and Social Structure in the Woolly Mammoth. Current Biology.

Available online 2 November 2017, In Press, Corrected Proof



Although this is an interesting study, I am disappointed

that they did not limit their samples to bones with well

defined ages and provenance, which would have made

interpreting the results less ambiguous.




Paul H.

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