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Unidentified jurassic find


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Hi, Everyone.

This is something I picked up at Runswick Bay on Yorkshires Jurassic coast.

The curve looks organic but I suspect that it may be a geological nodule.

Any comments would be welcome.



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It could be a vertebra, encased in matrix. 

I think the matrix would need to be removed to know for sure.

Wait for some more local opinions, however. 


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Can't add much, probably just a nodule (maybe the sort that might have started as a trace fossil) but you never know what's inside until you look.

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Hmmm, not dissimilar to your other one apart from the tail bit. I agree that it maybe bone, i think I can see a tiny bit of bone texture. Try and clean it up. Take it to Byron with the other item. Fingers crossed for you!

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