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Hello, Everyone.

This is another sample from Runswick Bay on Yorkshires Jurassic Coast.

I'm hoping that someone will tell me that is a paddle bone from a marine reptile.

All replies gratefully recieved.




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Could be a bone, but I’d dont see any bone structure on these pictures. If you see this, then it is probably a bone. As for the paddle part, I’ll wait for a local to tell you about that.

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I does look like a paddle bone, right shape. It is a little thick in ratio to the length/width for an ichthyosaur, well mine examples tho. I’d really need to handle it to be sure. I’m 65/35 in your favour :) 


Why not not take it to Byron Blessed at the Whitby fossil shop, he’ll know. Nice guy. 

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Thanks John,

I'm down in Hertfordshire (rubbish for fossil hunting) but may be able to catch up with Byron at one of the Oxford fossil fairs.

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You could send it to me and I’ll have a look. You’d need to cover postage both ways tho. :)

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