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How do I preserve a sand dollar fossil found at a beach?

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We found a couple of sand dollar fossils in a hard matrix. From what I have read today I can’t get the  hard matrix off without some special air tools. What should I do to preserve the specimens? 


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I have several sand dollars from near Daly City. They are quite stable and need no preservation. They also can be further prepped by grinding and polishing the cemented sand and outer layer of the echinoid.  

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Heavens no! Do not put it in a tumbler, that would destroy it.

It should be possible to sand it down with wet/dry sandpaper.

Start with a coarse grit (120) and work down to a fine grit (600+). The finer grit You use the better it will look.

You can polish it after sanding.




PS Welcome to TFF! and nice piece.

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I was going to guess that that is Dendraster excentricus, but I think its Scuttilaster major?  I would buy an n exspensive dremel and grind down the rock parts using some type of grinding wheel and then some sanding barrels of different grits and then polish it.   I use a white ruge stick for metal to polish mine.








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