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Another coprolite for consideration

old bones

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 Here is another of the many coprolites that I have been finding in Sacha's Merritt Island matrix. I haven't focused on these too much, being more intrigued by the bones. But with all of Lori's interesting threads on coprolite lately, I figured that I would put this one out there. Many of the coprolites in this matrix resemble this one. Sometimes I can see tiny bones in them, often not. I am curious what animal these are from. Most of my finds are terrestrial, with an occasional fish otolith or vertebra. 
 So, @GeschWhat and @Carl et al., what do you think?

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That's a little beauty. You can even tell where it is a little squished where it rested on its side. It is always hard to say who the pooducer is. The best we can do is compare them to the scat of modern creatures. Based on the composition, it is a carnivore (herbivore coprolites rarely fossilize and don't usually keep their form). It looks like there might be little inclusions in this one, but I just can't tell what they are. Keep posting the poo!

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43 minutes ago, old bones said:

So, @GeschWhat and @Carl, et al., what do you think?

Nice poop!

In order for the "tag" to work You have to select the user name from the drop down menu that appears when You use the @ sign.

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I'm with Lori. It's certainly convincing but sourcing it is always the problem. They are rarely still connected with their maker...

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