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Heteromorph ammonite from Waco?

Brazos Aaron

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Found these while out at the Lake Waco Research Area toward the back end.  The research area is Cretaceous Del Rio clay, but this seems to have rolled down the hill from a formation above, possibly Buda limestone or something on top of that.  There are 2 specimens and I believe they represent the same type of animal.  I haven't really found anything like this before, so any help would be appreciated.










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Yes, which is a type of heteromorph ammonite.as you supposed. 

Nice find! :)

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Mariella (Wintonia)brazoensis

For those of you interested in the Cretaceous of Texas:





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I believe it is a Mariella brazoensis. I found this one last Friday. I have the top piece to it. I just need to clean it up before I glue it back on. This still needs some cleaning too. 

I found mine in Hurst, TX.



Oysters love to occupy the grooves of the spirals. This is it before I cleaned it up any.


I think the ammo is a Graysonites.

I found them within 50 feet of each other.

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