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Dragonfly Fossil from Liaoning


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Might be, but more paint than dragonfly.


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3 hours ago, oilshale said:

more paint than dragonfly.

Hate it when that happens !

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Sinaeschnidia cancellosa is a junior synonym.  The current classification is: Aeschnidium heishankowense 



"Recently, a great quantity of adult dragonflies with fore and / or hindwings in connection with bodies have fortunately been recovered from the Yixian Formation in Beipiao City (Figure 4A–E, G). They were regarded by Ren et al. (1995) as a new species, Sinaeschnidia cancellosa Ren, 1995, but I do not recognize any difference in morphology between it and Aeschnidium heishankowense."


Zhang, J. (1999)

Aeschnidiid nymphs from the Jehol biota (latest JurassicEarly Cretaceous), China, with a discussion of the family Aeschnidiidae (Insecta, Odonata).

Cretaceous Research, 20:813-827

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