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Dear Guys, 

I collected some interesting specimens in Jurassic- Early Cenozoic erratics like sponges, bryozoans and hexacorals and also two primitive Ordovician sponges. 

The sponge pieces are 3-8 mm length (In yellowish limestone on sponge has very interesting skeleton growth outside). The size of coral in greenish gray limestone is 9 mm diameter, in the white limestone- 7 mm diameter. The bryozoans are from 7 mm to 1 cm length, they web shaped.

Please help with ID of these fossils if you could. :)

Best Regards



1. Late Jurassic sponges in my opinion. 

Kimmeridgian sponge 1.JPG

Kimmeridgian sponge 2.JPG

2. Early Cretaceous (?) sponges.


Early Cretaceous sponge 1.JPG

Early Cretaceous sponge 2.JPG

Early Cretaceous sponge 3.JPG

Early Cretaceous sponge 4.JPG

Tremadictyon Early Cretaceous.JPG

3. Late Cretaceous- Paleocene sponges I think. 

Late Cretaceous sponge 1.JPG

Late Cretaceous sponge 2.JPG

Late Cretaceous sponge 3.JPG

Paleocene sponge 1.JPG

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4. Bryozoans. 

unidentified bryozoan.jpg

unidentified bryozoan 2.jpg

unidentified bryozoan 3.jpg

unidentified bryozoan 4.jpg

unidentified bryozoan 5.JPG

5. Corals. 

Unidentified hexacoral 1.JPG

Unidentified hexacoral 2.JPG

And the last- two primitive Ordovician sponges for ID. :) 

Ordovician sponge 1.JPG

Ordovician sponge 2.JPG

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Please help to identify the genera or families and age.

Any help will be appreciated! :)


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I suppose there's a good chance for specimen DN-861 to be a hexactinellid sponge like Plocoscyphia. Although it's close to Guettardiscyphia, I don't think it could be that.




 First of all, you have to prep it out from the matrix.

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These solitary coral casts cannot be identified. Very probably they belong to the family Caryophylliidae.

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Dear Abyssunder and HansTheLoser, 

Thank you very much for the ID of sponge and corals. Talking about corals, I think they should be Early Cenozoic (Paleocene- Eocene) in age. :)

I also very wait for the opinion about other sponges and bryozoans. 




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