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Wentout today to look out for fossils for the first time. Stumbled upon what seems to look like some type of vertebra on a river bank? Not entirely sure if it's a fossil at all, since there were lots of deer bone fragments in the vicinity too. Looks to be a little older though?





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I'd say it's a muddy modern bone. 

Next time, pick it up. If it feels heavier than bone, it might be fossilized. If it's just a bone, it won't hurt you, bones hold onto about as many germs as rocks. 

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20 minutes ago, Finnja said:

Thanks for the quick replies guys!


Guess the hunt for fossils continues! :hammer01:

It never ends! Welcome to the Forum BTW!

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Welcome to the forum and keep looking! :)

"Find a fossil, pick it up,

And all day your spirit's up!" 

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