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60-Million-Year-Old Meteorite Impact Ejecta Discovered on Scotland’s Isle of Skye


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Alien Minerals Discovered at Ancient Meteorite Strike Site

in Scotland by Katherine Hignett, Newsweek, Dec. 15, 2017



60-Million-Year-Old Meteorite Impact Zone Discovered

on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, Sci News, December 15, 2017



“A team of geologists has found 60 million-year-old ejecta

from a previously unknown meteorite impact on the Isle

of Skye, northwest Scotland. This is the first recorded

mid-Paleocene impact event in the region and is coincident

with the onset of magmatism in the British Paleogene

Igneous Province.”


The open-access paper is:


Drake, S.M., A.D. Beard, A.P. Jones, D.J. Brown, A.D. Fortes,

I.L. Millar, A. Carter, J. Baca, and H. Downes, 2017,

Discovery of a meteoritic ejecta layer containing unmelted

impactor fragments at the base of Paleocene lavas, Isle of

Skye, Scotland. Geology. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1130/G39452.1





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