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World’s oldest algae fossils date back 1 billion years, says

new research,  Intelligencer, December 24, 2017




First photosynthesis took place 1.25 billion years ago: Study

Economic times, Dec 24, 2017



The paper is;


Gibson, T.M., Shih, P.M., Cumming, V.M., Fischer, W.W.,

Crockford, P.W., Hodgskiss, M.S., Wörndle, S., Creaser,

 R.A., Rainbird, R.H., Skulski, T.M. and Halverson, G.P.,

2017. Precise age of Bangiomorpha pubescens dates the

origin of eukaryotic photosynthesis. Geology.





Paul H.

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Ah.. Another update needed on my timescale project.

Apparently it is eukaryotic photosynthesis that started then. I've seen other references that mention evidence for photosynthesis much earlier than that (prokaryotic? - stromatolites, etc.)


Again, I've yet to see pics of those fossils! Heard of Bangiomorpha but never seen them.

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