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Using mohs hardness scale test for selecting blasting media?

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I had received a rock hardness tester kit and was not shore what to do with it. Through some research I was able to find that the testing was known as a mohs test, and this test classifies rock in a 1 to 10 scale. This is nominally used for minerals, but what I was cureus about is using this scale for matrix uncovering fossil prep. If this is possible I wish to use this identification poses for selecting a blasting media. Duos anyone know if this is possible?












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For the hardness test to work properly You need a pure sample of a mineral. Most rock is made with multiple minerals of differing hardness. Also the strength of the bond between minerals will give false results for 'rock".

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The Moh’s hardness of a blasting material is only part of its important properties. The shape of the particles is often as important as hardness. Sharp particles will behave differently than rounded ones such as the difference between glass beads and powdered glass - same hardness, different cutting properties.

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the original post is from December.  Scuter... you still around?  Hardness, speed, pressure, angle and shape all affect sandblasting powers.  Generally the best way to decide is by testing different powders.

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