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Remains of one of the biggest Devonian predators from Poland

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The Polish Geological Institute has just shared an article about the recent find in Poland - here you have an article in Polish, but worth looking at because of some pictures from the site and the images of the specimen http://www.pgi.gov.pl/aktualnosci/display/10405-wielki-drapieznik-z-gor-swietokrzyskich.html and here is the official paper regarding the discovery http://www.kirj.ee/public/Estonian_Journal_of_Earth_Sciences/2018/issue_1/earth-2018-1-33-42.pdf




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18 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Very nice read.  Well I could not read but understand from the pics.

Thanks for sharing.

The paper is in English :) , the article is more like a visual aid.

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Very interesting. 

Thanks for posting. 

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