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"Our laboratory was the geologic wonderland of New Mexico; our problems anything and everything which the face of that remarkable region presents to the student of earth history. The lecture platform was one end of the wagon seat, the shaded ground under a juniper tree, or the ragged wall of an igneous dyke. My student's desk was the other end of the wagon seat, a rock in the shade, or the bank of some arroyo. The hours were from daylight till long after dark, the discussion endless, and the themes were notebooks filled by the shifting light of the campfire. Under the stars of New Mexico's matchless sky I listened to a great man discuss evolution, magmatic segregation, stream erosion, and as the dying fire sunk to glowing embers and the stars shone more brightly I listened while the scintillating mind strayed into those fields of psychology and philosophy he loved so well, and heard him expound the principles of dynamic monism."  -Douglas Johnson (field assistant)


Clarence Luther Herrick: Pioneer Naturalist, Teacher, and Psychobiologist

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THAT is exactly how I like to learn things. :) 

Thanks for the post, Mike. 

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Tidgy's Dad

That's beautiful. :)

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