For those of you that have visited the Black Hills Institute in Hill City SD you know that space is at a premium.  When I heard that they were planning to add a replica of the large Jurassic Pliosaur Liopleurodon ferox , I said where?   Well here it is flying high above.     The new view as you enter       Getting to this point was not easy.  The replica was not complete and the skull was distorted.   Started with a two meter skull   mounting of the scapulae and the created coracoids   positioned the pubes and ischia     attached to the sacral ribs with a rod going through the “yet to be created” ilia   attach the created gastralia basket, creating the disassemble circle that will support the massive paddles     Mounting of the ribs     Lots of modification to the ribs and lateral spines     Its South Dakota  cow country     Bone corrections being made