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Hello All-

I am doing a talk next Tuesday on the difference between Archaeology and Paleontology.  I am looking for published instances where the two are used incorrectly.  Can anyone help? 



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The only example I can think of right now is a mod(short for modification) for the computer game Minecraft.

The modification is called Fossils and Archeology. But it basically just gives the player the ability to make their own park full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. So it really has nothing to do with archaeology.


And though I'm not sure, I think they chose the name because more people more people know roughly what archaeology is. But palaeontology seems to be more unknown as a word to most people.




Though it's an example of correct use, there's also the song "I am a Paleontologist"


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Any excellent course to take



Not what you're asking for but cool


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Thanks all... I had already found these Mexican dinosaur archaeologists.  But still... Thanks.  Still working on my 'embed a video in ppt' skills.

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