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Crassostrea gigantissima perhaps and nearby friends


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Hello from Cyprus, warm wishes for exciting finds to everyone!


Here is a relatively bigger oyster than my usual finds, this one is complete and inside small crystals have formed, could be calcite not sure.  Took advantage of the heavy rainfall and found it on muddy collapsing hills north of akrotiri area. I found half, and half a meter further I dug out the other half




Perhaps you can better see the small crystals that formed all over inside both parts belowgig_oys7.thumb.jpg.12a9565e7f38d21836bfa21a063c9726.jpg







Nearby I found also the following:


found position, but i think they are not matching




and this single one


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" Most of the Tethys or Paratethys, Miocene-Pliocene crassostrids have been assigned to Ostrea crassissima Lamarck, Ostrea (G.) gingensis Schlotheim, Gryphea (C.) gingensis (Schlotheim). In fact, these specimens are accepted as Crassostrea gryphoides (Schlotheim). According to literature (Cossman and Peyrot,1914; Erünal-Erentöz, 1958; Freneix et al., 1971; Laurain, 1980; Videt and Neraudeau, 2002; Ýslamoðlu and Taner, 2003) supporting its names. "




excerpt from: I. Hosgor. 2008. Presence of Crassostrea gryphoides (Schlotheim) from the Lower-Middle Miocene sequence of Kahramanmara Basin (SE Turkey); Its taxonomy, paleoecology and paleogeography. Mineral Res. Expl. Bull. 136: 17-28

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