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Dagsboro Pleistocene Site?


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Multiple places on the internet say there is a Pleistocene fossil site where collectors can find Marine fossils south of Dagsboro, DE. Doth anyone know the status or exact location of the site? And whether it would be smart to go there? I’m in south DE and I don’t have the time to drive up north, so this is basically my only hope of getting a hunt in while I’m here. Please feel free to PM me. Thanks!

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am thinking that site was from bridge construction over the river there. I remember looking for it in the 70s and only finding very modern looking low diversity shells in dark sandy clay.

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For the location go see #3 in "Selected Fossil Locations in Delaware" (1978) at:




The problem is any site that is mentioned in any handout that old has 

very likely become overgrown or built over since the pamphlet was

compiled. I would be very surprised if it has survived this long.


If look closely or use the search menu on your PDF reader, Dagsboro

and Delaware Hwy 113 are shown on east edge of:


Geologic Map of the Millsboro and Whaleysville Quadrangles, Delaware

Author: Ramsey, K.W.; Tomlinson, J.L., Newark, DE: Delaware Geological Survey



"Dagsboro" is in very, very small print and extremely hard to see. A

person almost needs a PDF reader that can search a PDF for text

to find it.


About the Pmar formation, text on the above maps states:


"The sands commonly contain horizontal and vertical burrows up to

0.5 inches in diameter. Amino acid racemization of shells from the

Pepper Creek ditch just east of the map area indicates that the unit

was deposited during aminozone IIc (approximate age of 320,000 yrs B.P.)."


To find Pepper Creek, you also might need to consult:


Geologic Map of the Frankford and Selbyville Quadrangles, Delaware

Author: Tomlinson, J.L.; Ramsey, K.W.; Andres, A.S.



The fossils along Pepper Creek at Dagsboro are mentioned in:


Richards, H.G., 1969, A Review of Recent Studies on the 

Marine Pleistocene of the Atlantic Coastal Plain -- New 

Jersey to Georgia. Gulf Coast Association of Geological 

Societies Transactions Vol. 19 (1969), Pages 601-609


For general overview:


Stratigraphy, Correlation, And Depositional Environments Of The Middle 

To Late Pleistocene Interglacial Deposits Of Southern Delaware

Author: Ramsey, K.W. http://udspace.udel.edu/handle/19716/5416




Paul H.

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