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23 minutes ago, Kosmoceras said:

That's a stunning tooth in matrix! Very fine acquisition, congrats. 

Thank you! Glad to own it! 

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Thanks to the help of @Troodon and Palaeontologist Christophe Hendrickx, the attached tooth has been diagnosed as most likely a Eotyrannus which is a species I have been after for a long while now. I also include the comments from Hendrickx himself having sent several images and measurements of the tooth over the weekend. Whilst not a 100% definitive answer the tooth leans more towards this species which is cool to say the least 



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On 2/13/2021 at 10:33 AM, paulyb135 said:

My newest addition and last one for a while is a dream tooth for me. A Megalsoaurus from the Jurassic Period of England 


Megalosaurid Indet. 
Chipping Norton Limestone Formation

The Great Oolite Group




I am going to change this to Megalosaurus Bucklandii having received the attached paper from Roger Benson outlining that Megalosaurus Bucklandii has been found in the Chipping Norton Limestone Formation where my tooth was found. 




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