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Pretty great first time at Brownie Beach - Maryland!

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This was my first time (3/25/2018) at Brownie's Beach in Maryland and it was a great day! I arrived at around noon and only stayed for 2 hours or so... the wind was piercing. There weren't many collectors and I found quite a few small teeth and the best of the day was what I believe is a Cosmopolitodus hastalis. I do have a few questions about some teeth I found and also the park itself. I noticed the red sign to the south (right) that mentions staying away from the cliff zones, but it's pretty ambiguous. Am I to assume you cannot go beyond the red sign or just close to the cliffs? I saw several people go down that may be guilty myself) (I may  and have read trip reviews here that mention going far south. I completely understand the hazards with the cliff but there is a considerable gap between the actual cliffs and where the water breaks. I just wanted to clarify - but anyways here were my finds for the day!


This is the first tooth I'm not too sure about - maybe a Whaler Shark?




And here is the second - possibly just a worn Mako?:




Some Cow Shark's I believe:






A Snaggletooth Shark?




A cool little Tiger Shark?




And my favorite of the day Cosmopolitodus hastalis?




I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of teeth I was able to find here as opposed to some of the other parks in the area. 


Thanks for all the interest and help!

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So glad you had a nice first trip to Brownie's. I'd say most of your identifications are accurate. The first two are Carcharhinus sp. which does include Whaler Sharks. The rest I agree with. Your larger cow tooth is a really nice one, and that last hastalis is small but beautiful. Great finds. When it comes to the red signs at Brownie's, they are essentially invisible to just about any hunter who goes there. Like you said, you usually have a good deal of space to search while still maintaining a safe distance from the cliffs themselves. As long as you do this, you should be fine. Hoppe hunting!

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Tidgy's Dad

Nice teeth! :)

A good day's work. 

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As long as you aren’t digging in the cliffs or climbing on them you are fine. The cows are real nice as well as the white shark (most recent revisions have it as Carcharodon hastalis). Keep an eye out for bone chunks, every now and then more is hidden under the sand.

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