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Dire Wolf tooth?


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I found this tooth at Peace River today and I think it's a canine tooth from a Dire Wolf, but I wanted a second opinion. Thanks!



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Can't say I've ever seen a Dire Wolf canine but I have seen things similar to this identified as coming from bears. Hoping @Harry Pristis might have something to say about this.






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Thanks for the reply Digit! I was thinking maybe bear too but the root shape looks a little more elongated from the examples I could find. I'm not really sure what it is now.

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What is the length of your canine?

Mine is clearly bear, due to the height of the root... You might provide a photo from the side... c2017Nov23rdUrsusCanine.thumb.jpg.55c09ce6d60a7c05274e3b3196d172aa.jpg



Here is a good educational thread on the topic:


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