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Fossil sites near Western North Carolina

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Chick Ludwig

I'm interested in fossil sites I can visit in or near the Southern Appalachians. I live in Hendersonville, NC. The Only one I know of is the Gray Fossil Site near Johnson City, Tenn. I'd especially like to know where I can find fossils to collect.

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Guess you probably already know there are none in NC near you. Your best bet would be to go north to Virginia where there are lots of paleozoic fossils Or West to Tennessee where there are also paleozoic fossils. The fossiliferous paleozoic formations take a jog around North Carolina going almost straight west in Virginia and then turning south through Tennessee into northern GA, Al etc. The dearth of fossils near you is due to tectonic plate movement induced metamorphism. You can google the North Carolina geological map. The eastern part of the state is of course loaded with Cretaceous to Pleistocene fossils. Some of the Triassic basins have fossils but still a couple of hours east I would think and slim pickings unless you know a particular stratum.

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