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Nanxiong Dinosaur Eggshell

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I have a large group of dinosaur eggshell fragments from the Nanxiong Formation of China.  As they're isolated fragments I know its difficult to narrow them down to any particular oogenus, but I was wondering if it is possible to say anything about them just by surface texture alone? 


From what I can gather, eggshells with nodes and ridges from this formation would indicate a theropod eggshell, where as the smoother eggshells are more likely herbivour (probably hadrosaur).  I've added pictures of each type. 


I've struggled to find a lot of detail on Nanxiong eggs which isn't behind a paywall, but what I have found is that there are three types of eggs described:


Oölithes spheroides

Oölithes rugustus

Oölithes elongatus


From what I can tell, spheroides is the only egg with a smooth shell and is believed to belong to a hadrosaur.  The other two have more heavily textured shells and belong to theropods.


I'm planning to sell some of these, so just wanted to double check my assumptions are correct.  I also thought it'd be good to clarify, as it's hard to find out a great deal about these eggs online.




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One of the best resources out there on Eggs is Carpenters et al book "Dinosaur Eggs and Babies"

They have a chaper on Chineese eggs and a bit associated with eggs from the Nanxiong Basin.  The book states that the Nanxiong Group formerly known as the Nanxiong Formation consists of the Yuanpu and Pingling Formations.  The egg fauna in these consists of the following taxa:


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Thanks Troodon, I'll be ordering myself a copy!

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