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Dear Guys,


Today I found one very interesting piece of skull, as I remember I have showed you one non- mammoth elephant skull fragment that was between 1,5 and 3,2 cm thickness.

Today's fossil is very similar fragment, also with brain surface but it has one cavity that reminds me of tusk place. This skull fragment also have some cavities but very few, and it is little thinner (between 0,9 cm and 2,3 cm thickness (it is thicker in the place of possible tusk). :)

I would think it is also from rare elephantid or maybe hippo (because it is thinner)? 

Please help with ID of this piece, it can be scientifically important. 

Any help will be appreciated! :D 


Best Regards







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Can't quite tell from the photos, but it looks like maybe a piece of pelvis with the hip socket.

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Dear steelhead9,

Sounds interesting but in the first photo I see brain like imprint and the both main bone surfaces look quite different. :)

I would think it is the skull, maybe frontal bone fragment. 

Any more ideas? :) 

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Yes, maybe. :)


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