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How to caring & cleaning copal?

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I newely collected this copal. But, there are lots of crazing on it't surface. I can sure it is copal because i do acetone test so this is more weak then amber. I thinking about grinding this nicely with soft cloth and tooth paste. I want to know it is ok to copal, and how to store it without crazing.


Thanks for your help, and apologize to my short English...:)





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Tidgy's Dad

Wow! Lovely lot of ants, there's an army in there! Don't let 'em out! :)

I've not kept my copal pieces anywhere special in the 15 years or so I've had them and they seem fine I just use a cloth with mild soap and water for polishing. 

This guide may help, but be careful, for as you know, copal is softer.


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I have polished copal before and you have to be careful since it is so soft. You can start by lightly sanding with extra fine sandpaper (400 or 600 grit) to remove the cracks. Then, buff with a piece of denim to remove fine scratches. Do not use any power tools as you can easily melt the copal. In fact, you can melt it with vigorous rubbing of the denim fabric.


You will enjoy a nice pine/cedar scent emitting from the copal while polishing it also.

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