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The very beginning of LIFE

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Hi all,


Figured this would be the best place to share this. 

So, there is a channel on YouTube that is called PBS Eons. LINK They post videos regularly, and each one presents a random topic in paleontology. They explain the info in that topic in detail, but in a way that is still easy to understand for early amateurs of the science. This has led them to post videos about namely: the role of conodont fossils in geology, turtle shell evolution, the mystery of the "Devil's corkscrews", how the first multicellular organism appeared, the PETM, and countless more. Every time you learn something new on paleontology, so if you love this awesome science as much as me I definitely recommend that you go take a look and subscribe to their channel!


Well recently they made a 3-part collaboration video with PBS Spacetime and It's Okay To Be Smart which are two other nice YouTube channels that tackle more of science's mysteries. In this collab all 3 channels talk about one of our biggest questions:  How did life first appear on Earth? 

All 3 videos are fantastic (IMO). They beautifully managed to merge physics, chemistry, biology and paleontology together in order to attempt to find out the origin of life itself. Very complicated and detailed, yet easy to understand. So yeah, definitely a must-see in my opinion!

Here are the 3 videos:


The 3 videos are each interesting on their own, but watching them together is what really makes them cool. So, if you have nothing planned for the next 45 minutes, then now you know what to do! :D


Warning: there is A LOT of info to get your head wrapped around, especially if you are not very well-versed in deep science! But it is still worth the effort of trying to understand, because you will learn so much from it. 


I hope you will enjoy these videos as much as I did!


Happy learning,




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