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Possible Dino Egg w/ Embryo from NM?

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I found this egg looking specimen a couple of weeks ago in a dry river bed in Northern New Mexico.  The location was roughly 80 miles NW of Albuquerque, NM at an approximate elevation of 7,500 feet.  The first thing I thought was a possible dinosaur egg with an actual yolk/embryo in the center.  The smaller piece in the pictures actually is part of the egg portion.  It was found in a location where any people walking in the area are few and far between.  


The layers looked pretty distinct and the black lines caught my eye.  I believe I saw similar black lines on pictures of other dino eggs online.  So what do you guys think?  Is it possible that this could be a real dinosaur egg?  I have very little experience with this type of thing so I thought I would consult with the experts.  


Thank you very much.   


(It's only letting me add one picture, so i'll try and add a few others in my own replies).  


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I see geologic, concretion IMO. I do not see egg here :/

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No eggshell texture visible. 

Concretion, or septarian nodule. :) 



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Welcome to The Fossil Forum, Mr G!  I have to agree with DevonianDigger and Fossildude19.  I'm not seeing any of the diagnostic features of an egg in your specimen.  +1 for concretion/septarian nodule.



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You can see in yours some of the angular "crack-lines" characteristic of septarian nodules.
Some, when cut and polished, are attractive:


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