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Identification of Spinosaurid Jaws

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3 hours ago, Troodon said:




This is Stromers original plate.

1) You can see the variation in the lateral (side) view of jaw.   A very wide anterior end and more V shaped  toward the hinge.  So jaw sections that you see sold which are straight across are probably crocodile.

2) The teeth are also not positioned in a straight line, and not always next to one another.  

3) The most telling feature is the lip on the labial side.  It should be present across the entire length of the jaw

4) Broken dentary jaw sections being sold should wide not narrow like croc's

Though the relative thickness will likely be very similar, I would like to point out that there are definitely also younger Spinosaurids present that are less than half of adult size. So there is a possibility of coming across smaller jaw specimens.


2 hours ago, doushantuo said:


Wow that's a really different reconstruction of the Angaturama snout on C. Normally it's reconstructed as being very square.

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Thanks! This is really helpful!

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