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Found something associated with a Tumo crab

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While this crab wasnt too special, it was the first I found with my brother, so I have been using it as an "experience" crab... then I found the flabellum and thought it was cool so have left it there...


Now I have a little bit better prepping gear and more patience I investigated something else I saw on the top...  Of course I have a suspicion but have been wrong just about every time...


Its about 3-4mm long.


Can anyone give me any idea what it may be?  Apologies for photos, they were taken with my cell as I cant find my macros for my dslr.


Waipara formation - 12MYA.



20180425_140410 (Large).jpg

20180425_140417 (Large).jpg

20180425_140437_001 (Large).jpg

20180425_140550 (Large).jpg

20180425_140558 (Large).jpg

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Tidgy's Dad

Yep, I think shark's tooth! 

Nice bonus! :)

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Thanks guys - thats what I was hoping!!  Wow - and I had suspected the crabs got a bite on the carapace!

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Not too many shark teeth found there. Could be a Carcharius but would need to be complete for ID

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