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Scientifically Significant Fossils Vanish, Masol, Siwalik Frontal Range, Punjab, India


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Scientifically vital fossils vanish, Masol’s claim to fame in danger

Siddarth Banerjee | TNN | April 30, 2018



2.6-million-year-old ‘priceless’ fossil on sale for just Rs 4500

Sidharth Banerjee | TNN | July 24, 2017



Some papers are:


Chapon-Sao, C., Abdessadok, S., Tudryn, A., Malassé,

A.D., Singh, M., Karir, B., Gaillard, C., Moigne, A.M.,

Gargani, J. and Bhardwaj, V., 2016. Lithostratigraphy

of Masol paleonto-archeological localities in the

Quranwala Zone, 2.6 Ma, northwestern India.

Comptes Rendus Palevol, 15(3-4), pp. 417-439.



Malassé, A.D., Moigne, A.M., Singh, M., Calligaro,

T., Karir, B., Gaillard, C., Kaur, A., Bhardwaj, V., 

Pal, S., Abdessadok, S. and Sao, C.C., 2016. 

Intentional cut marks on bovid from the 

Quranwala zone, 2.6 Ma, Siwalik Frontal Range, 

northwestern India. Comptes Rendus Palevol, 

15(3-4), pp. 317-339.




Malassé, A.D., Singh, M., Karir, B., Gaillard, C., 

Bhardwaj, V., Moigne, A.M., Abdessadok, S., Sao, 

C.C., Gargani, J., Tudryn, A. and Calligaro, T., 2016. 

Anthropic activities in the fossiliferous 

Quranwala Zone, 2.6 Ma, Siwaliks of Northwest 

India, historical context of the discovery and 

scientific investigations. Comptes Rendus 

Palevol, 15(3-4), pp.295-316.




Gargani, J., Abdessadok, S., Tudryn, A., Sao, C.C., 

Malassé, A.D., Gaillard, C., Moigne, A.M., Singh, 

M., Bhardwaj, V. and Karir, B., 2016. Geology and 

geomorphology of Masol paleonto-archeological 

site, Late Pliocene, Chandigarh, Siwalik Frontal 

Range, NW India. Comptes Rendus Palevol, 

15(3-4), pp.379-391.




Gaillard, C., Singh, M., Malassé, A.D., Bhardwaj, V., 

Karir, B., Kaur, A., Pal, S., Moigne, A.M., Sao, C.C., 

Abdessadok, S. and Gargani, J., 2016. The lithic 

industries on the fossiliferous outcrops of the 

Late Pliocene masol formation, Siwalik frontal 

range, northwestern India (Punjab). Comptes 

Rendus Palevol, 15(3-4), pp.341-357.






Paul H.

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Tidgy's Dad

Very sad that this happens, not just here, but in many small, out of the way and poor communities. 

Bureaucracy is so slow that so much is lost before it can be protected. :(

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Raggedy Man

What a shame. My wife and I have a rule about collecting. Any scientifically significant finds are well documented in the field. Drawings, measurements, exact location, and pictures are kept and turned into the local university. 

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I hope they can get some remains out before the site is completely robbed. Some of these bones are probably the only ones in existence. If they are lost, it is a loss the human race will feel for its entirety. If only people knew, if only they cared.

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