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My favorite trilobite location

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A complete Isotelus is always something special. Great find!

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Wow - nice finds!

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i am curious if you are willing to give any geo coordinates for that location in SE MN Plainview?



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PM sent

  • I found this Informative 1
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Hey minnbuckeye!!I am an amature  rock hound looking to add to my fossil collection,and have spent many hours in southern Minnesota looking for Trilobotes.

I have Geodes,Agates,some fossils in my cabinet...but cannot find this elusive creature.I am an avid and serious collector...not looking for financial gain or profit.I am absolutely obsessed with acquiring new pieces this summer.Any *Trilobite location* hints or riddles would be very welcome!!!

(My best ammonite and small trilobite pictured below)


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