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Exceptionally Preserved Fossils

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On 5/7/2018 at 9:00 AM, Oxytropidoceras said:

Exceptionally preserved fossils: critical 

evidence of the history of life, December 8, 2013



Derek E.G. Briggs

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Yale University, and Director, Yale Peabody 

Museum of Natural History


One interesting comment that Dr. Briggs made 

towards the end was that the Herefordshire 

Lagerstätte is still unique for soft bodied animals

in carbonate concretions in bentonite. He felt

that there surely must be additional lagerstätte

of this type is just nobody has systematically 

and specifically looked for them. This seems

like a project where fossil hunters, who know of 

carbonate concretions in bentonite bed(s) 

could make a contribution to paleontology.


A description of the Herefordshire Lagerstätte is at:


The Exceptional Silurian Herefordshire 

Fossil Locality By Marc Srour, June 11, 2012





Siveter, D.J., 2008. The Silurian Herefordshire 

Konservat-Lagerstätte: a unique window on 

the evolution of life. Proc. Shropsh. Geol. 

Soc, 13, pp. 58-61.


http://www.shropshiregeology.org.uk/sgspublications/Proceedings/2008 No_13 009 Siveter Lagerstatte.pdf


A related online paper is:


Parry, L.A., Smithwick, F., Nordén, K.K., Saitta, E.T., 

Lozano‐Fernandez, J., Tanner, A.R., Caron, J.B., 

Edgecombe, G.D., Briggs, D.E. and Vinther, J., 2018. 

Soft‐Bodied Fossils Are Not Simply Rotten 

Carcasses–Toward a Holistic Understanding of 

Exceptional Fossil Preservation. BioEssays, 40(1).






Paul H.

Hey! I went to that very presentation! (Briggs)
He is an incredibly intelligent men.

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