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Recommendations for NY Devonian Limestone and Shale Splitting Gear

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The Jersey Devil

Hello everyone,

I will be going out for the first time to collect the lower Devonian Helderberg Group. I am wondering about which chisel and geology hammer are most appropriate for splitting the rock. Any help is appreciated.


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Lower Devonian Helderberg Limestone can be very tough unless it's quite weathered. Sometimes fossils just pop out with little effort or you can find them loose on the ground. I would recommend a hand sledge and a big chisel for the harder stuff. I wonder where you're going.

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Agree with Jeffrey, the better specimens will be hopefully free of matrix or at worst exposed in a hand-sized piece of matrix. I generally used my geo pick to turn material or knock things down in size. Rarely chiseled anything out. But a good mix of chisels from 1/4” to a wide brick-set was carried in my bag. Crack hammers are best for any heavy work but I kept mine in the car with the bigger chisels and pry bars. If it was worthy, it was worth a walk back to get the gear.


Have fun and good luck. I miss the NY Devonian, especially those Helderberg Group formations.

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