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Common ground, conflicting interests

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this being the article "Fossiles du Maroc : La relation incestueuse des scientifiques et des trafiquants"

The author has fairly recently edited a many-paged volume(600+pages) on the fossil vertebrates of Morocco,which I believe might constitute a state-of-the-art book.I couldn't

find a TOC online, but there's at least a chapter on placoderms by Rucklin/Clement(diacritics omitted) 

->page ads fairly restrained<-




morogeoconservaPlan cours André CHARRIERE.pdf

the conclusion("a"conclusion?):

"Bilan : patrimoine paléontologique d’intérêt mondial ; essentiel des grands bouleversements paléoenvironnementaux, paléoclimatiques et tectoniques mondiaux sont enregistrés dans le géopatrimoine marocain."

freely paraphrased: Moroccan geoheritage sites contain a wealth of information on paleoclimate,tectonics,and paleoecology


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