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Detroit Lakes??

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   I will be going to visit kin up in Ottertail county over the 4th of July week. 


We are coming up from Florida


Despite visiting Minnesota repeatedly throughout my life, I know almost nothing about fossil hunting possibilities...my focus has always been on fishing and such, but my 5 year old is high on fossiling (and has quite a collection from Florida already)


We are flying in from Florida to the Cities and driving out.  


IF any of y'all have insight on:

1) locations around ottertail county/detroit lakes

2) locations between Fergus Falls and the Cities

3) locations in EASTERN North Dakota

4) guides or trips we could participate in

5) fossil/dinosaur related sites to see in that part of the country

6) tips on applicable laws we should be aware of

...I would be GREATLY obliged


I reckon anything between MSP and Jamestown ND would be reasonable, bu the closer to Fergus, Alexandria, DL, etc., the better!


Thanks y'all very much in advance

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