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Mahantango eye openers

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Thanks, I'm baffled by these except what looks like a Dipluera cephalon partial , last photo. Collected yesterday, near Milford Pa. Gordon


Below, these part of a single piece. Closeup of patternM2.jpg.16f9434328bae8df0abd0c4e7c4af1c7.jpgM2a.jpg.2a3e35fded581ac3abf97fc62a658bb2.jpg

Two views belowM3a.thumb.jpg.2981171c339c52126355ca94751a4806.jpgM3b.jpg.26ac8a0aa6fd84870ec5c85c03c7d374.jpg

Note center horizontal segmentedM4.jpg.87d25e00bb1a081c2e2bd797994ecf2d.jpg

Partial cephalon5b2d3b64e0800_M5Dipluera.jpg.836683a3188fa5d05465e7ad021359f1.jpg



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Jeffrey P

The middle photo is a Dipleura thorax and pygidium and I agree that the bottom photo is a partial Dipleura cephalon. The others I'm not sure about.

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