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I recently took a trip to the Iron Hill Museum in Newark, Delaware. (Which has amazing displays by the way. Its small, but fascinating.) There, I bought a small bag of about 10 fossils. I knew what most of them were, but there are a few I am unsure of what they actually are. I was wondering if anyone on the Forum could help me. All I know is that all of the Fossils were found in either Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I will have to upload these each in separate posts as it won't let me upload more than 3.95 MB. (Yell at me all you want if you have found a way around it.)

1. This one I was told that this is some kind of bone fragment. IMG_3031.thumb.JPG.7feb0fe670ca85a25b52eec7a4b3f973.JPGIMG_3033.thumb.JPG.f72876f123693c5a56da1a31560f92f2.JPGIMG_3032.thumb.JPG.d9eff8f3c799a45e8a91a44c8e05e878.JPGIMG_3034.JPG

2. This is also another bone fragment. IMG_3039.thumb.JPG.776e296a6afddce67533777cd01b2f72.JPGIMG_3040.thumb.JPG.fea50d88102bb0796a2b60943ad3f7cd.JPG

3. I think this is a bone fragment. IMG_3041.thumb.JPG.355a89f7c42430a09d526faf3ec02c84.JPGIMG_3042.thumb.JPG.5dcbb7b48027f471ab349152dd3e0e00.JPG

4. I know this is a vertebra but I am not sure what kind. I am pretty sure it is marine. IMG_3035.thumb.JPG.780d6fbe65c7186648521bca4a203bbf.JPGIMG_3036.thumb.JPG.fce39bbcd90594c972e151f64b9bddf7.JPG

5. This is some kind of tooth. IMG_3037.thumb.JPG.731a7e2eff413b77f3c0bee88366f82b.JPGIMG_3038.thumb.JPG.08aeab54522ce849981db3b94111fa3a.JPG

6. No idea. IMG_3043.thumb.JPG.396c6eb2839b3dcbd9d328347ac2d4da.JPG

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4 minutes ago, Shark255 said:

(Yell at me all you want if you have found a way around it.)

I won't yell, but if You refresh the page that usually helps.

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