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Looking for fossil collection sites near Calgary

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I recently moved to Calgary from Winnipeg and would like to go fossil hunting - but I don’t know where to go. I am familiar with Alberta’s regulations pertaining to surface collection.  I know most people don’t like to give out the locations of their favorite fishing holes or fossil sites. Any guidance you can provide for locations would be appreciated.

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Welcome to The Fossil Forum!  You may find a few articles of interests in my pdf library here on TFF.  Here's a LINK. Just scroll down (not far) until you get to the section for Alberta.



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Welcome to the Forum.  :) 
This website has some very old information that is no longer accurate, but may be a starting point for some research. ;)  

Good Luck. 


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Fossil collecting in Alberta is a little complicated because there are strict laws concerning collection of vertebrates (the most common fossils in the prairies) as well as strict laws concerning collection of fossils in general in the mountain parks. There are a few areas on crown land at the edge of the mountain parks (e.g. Nihahi Ridge) but these require a bit of hiking to get to.

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