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any good beginner spots near central ohio?

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Hey guys forest here

Im a very new fossil hunter i always find shells in my grandmas driveway and i wanna know if there is anywhere i could find some shark teeth, trilobites or mosasaur teeth (one of my fav) or even skeletons of stuff if you guys could help i would be very thankful!

Thanks, Forest

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shark teeth are very rare in Ohio, the rocks are too old. There are some primitive ones in the Devonian  near Columbus and Cleveland and a few in the Mississippian in the coal bearing counties. No Mesozoic or Cenozoic in Ohio, so no Mosasaur teeth. The only skeletons would be ice age specimens. Trilobite can be found in the gray shales around Dayton, Wilmington and south to Cincinnati. Try to find a copy of "Ohio Fossils"

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