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Rockhounding Wisconsin

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In late spring the book Rockhounding Wisconsin was released. I had pre ordered it as I was excited they were making one of these books for my home state. I have several of the other ones for other states and love them. I waited several months and when I finally received it, read it cover to cover over 2 days. From a fossil hunter viewpoint I was seriously disappointed. 
From a fossil standpoint, almost every single site listed can be found on here. There are maybe a couple locales at most I wasn't familiar with, and only 1 of which might allow collecting. The author also is not very knowledgeable as to the laws of collecting as almost every site he said he wasn't sure about collecting status. From a responsible collectors point of view, this is one of the most pertinent parts of information. This information should have been sought out more so than the random filler commentary in the book.
From someone seeking out gems and other shiny or fun rocks like agates, it's ok as Wisconsin isn't really known much for that. The sections on those are also quite vague saying things like, you should be able to find this even though I didn't because of the time of year.
From a geology standpoint, I thought there was a lot of information on the various formations throughout Wisconsin. If you just want to find a bunch of rocks from different formations, time periods, etc, then this is a great book. There are tons of sites where you can find things like various limestones, banded rocks, etc.
Overall I would give it 3 stars mainly because of the geology aspect. I understand it's a rockhounding book, and not a fossils and shiny object book, the latter of which my kids and I enjoy collecting. To me the book just feels forced, like the author just drove the major freeway through the state and picked locales that were close to the road. He even says many times about his family being with him so this undoubtedly influenced him going off the beaten path to find some real good places. His commentary also will rub some Wisconsinites the wrong way talking about poisoning our country with lead producing past and cheese producing now(obesity). Personally unless you're a geology student or someone who just really likes different looking random rocks, I wouldn't recommend purchasing this book. Stick to the advice of the fossil forum and save yourself 20 bucks.

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