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Bony Fish vertebra? Walton on the Naze, Essex, UK


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Hi there 

I found this vertebra on the beach here at Walton on the Naze, Essex, UK. Unusually it was found on the sandy beach near the pier rather than the usual spot near the cliffs. 


Anyway, from the little I know is it right to assume that shark vertebrae have regular bony connections in the profile, Ray vertebrae tend to be smooth in profile and bony fish have irregular profiles. Is this generally true or am I way off the mark?


Given that, is this a bony fish vertebra rather than shark, and if so is there any way to pin it further down to a given species?


thanks in advance,








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Looks fishy to Me.

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Yup, I also think fish. :)

Nice find. 

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Also in the fish camp too, though I’m scared if I stay in it too long the smell’s gonna rub off on me.:)

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Lol. Thanks all.

It truly was a lucky find as we were just strolling to dinner and definitely not looking for fossils so I’m very pleased. 

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