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The Amateur Paleontologist

Multitaxic bone assemblage from the Post Quarry

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The Amateur Paleontologist

Hey everyone :)


I recently found this paper on ResearchGate.. thought some people might want to see it.

The paper basically describes the skeletal remains of various archosauriform taxa from a new Triassic bone assemblage from the Post Quarry (Dockum Group; Texas). The taxa described include Vancleavea campi and a new silesaurid (Soumyasaurus aenigmaticus - see below).


Here's the RG link: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/327020021_Description_of_a_multitaxic_bone_assemblage_from_the_Upper_Triassic_Post_Quarry_of_Texas_Dockum_Group_including_a_new_small_basal_dinosauriform_taxon


Sarigül, Agnolín and Chatterjee (2018) - Description of a multitaxic bone assemblage from the Upper Triassic Post Quarry of Texas (Dockum Group), including a new small basal dinosauriform taxon



A bone assemblage composed of intermixed small cranial and postcranial fragments from the Post Quarry of Texas, USA, is described. The skeletal elements represent multiple individuals of different taxa, including a partial dorsal column assigned to Vancleavea campi and an incomplete dentary referred to a new genus and species of a small-sized basal dinosauriform. Ankylothecodont dental implantation of the dinosauriform dentary bears strong resemblance to silesaurids. A fragmentary archosauromorph braincase is another intriguing element of the assemblage; it displays a striking contrast of a derived otoccipital on a plesiomorphic basioccipital. Poor preservation prevents more conclusive taxonomic assignments for the rest of the skeletal elements. The observed attrition and entangling in this bone assemblage reflect the complexities of the Dockum land tetrapod taphonomy.




Partial dentary of S. aenigmaticus


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@The Amateur Paleontologist Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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