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End-Permian Extinction - A Chain reaction of Death

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Here's Why Over 80% of All Life on Earth Was Wiped 

Out 250 Million Years Ago. A chain reaction of death.






the paper is:


Michael W. Broadley, Peter H. Barry, Chris J. Ballentine, 

Lawrence A. Taylor and Ray Burgess, 2018, End-Permian 

extinction amplified by plume-induced release of recycled 

lithospheric volatiles. Nature Geoscience





Paul H.

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Yeah, that would do it!

So, where and how has it since been re-sequestered? Hard to imagine subduction as an adequate mechanism for all of it.

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the number of hypotheses about the PT crisis fast approaches the number of workers on the problem.:ninja:

The article itself is paywalled?

I like interdisciplinary research and something on both element cycling during subduction and the PT event is kinda interesting to me

Do the authors pose storage in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle?

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