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G'day everyone!


Today I just returned from a fossil trip to Bendigo with my dad. We collected at two localities: One in the nearby suburb of Bagshot and the other at Spring Gully Reservoir, next to Bendigo. Most of the Bendigo area is aged Ordovician and the only fossils to be found in this area are graptolites and uncommon phyllocarids . We arrived at the Bagshot site at 10:30 and spend 2 hours digging in a small outcrop on the side of a road. The site was dominated by Isograptus victoriae but Isograptus caduceus and Pseudisograptus gracilis could also be found. The graptolites from this locality are preserved as a white or reddish brown marking. We left after 2 hours to go to another locality we had been to before in Spring Gully Reservoir. The graptolites from this site were more common and more diverse. We did not spend as much time at this site but found more graptolites than at Bagshot. @Tidgy's Dad I may need help IDing some of the graptolites. Here are some photos of the trip:


Hope you enjoy,









Pesky meat ants (Iridomyrmex purpureus) All over the site and numbered in the thousands



Beautiful sea of wattles 



Isograptus victoriae (Left) and Pseudisograptus gracilis? (Right)



Isograptus sp













Phyllograptus? ontop of Tetragraptus?






Paratetragraptus approximatus?




Phyllograptus sp



Mash of graptolites









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I don't know the Bagshot stuff as I've not studied it, having no fossils from there, so can't help, I'm afraid. 

But in the Spring Gully stuff you seem to have Phyllograptus typus on top of the three stiped tetragraptid which is now known as Tshallograptus tridens.

Yes, it's Paratetragraptus approximatus. 

The other bits would be from incomplete specimens of Tshallograptus, including the four stiped species T. fruiticosus and also, some of the larger bits, maybe from Didymograptus extensus. 

And there seems to be an Isograptus caduceus victoriae in the last specimen. 

Nice finds, some super graptolites can be found at these locations. :)

I like your site photos too, even the ants! :D 


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That's a fine location and good specimens. I could be very happy there. :)


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Nice reports and finds, Dan. 

Thanks for posting them. :) 

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Great report!

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nice report Dan!



Btw: for the best ID you need early astogenetic stages,fide e.g. Mitchell/PALAEONTOLOGY 1987,which is probably in several libraries here.

That one is one of the most important/significant/pertinent (and generally awesome) graptolite taxonomical papers,period


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Cool finds. Enjoyed the report and the pics.

We have lots of fire ants here that leave blisters if they bite you. They’re all over the place. I’m constantly fighting them in my yard.

Man the ruler looks like it could be an artifact. Just kidding, but it looks older than me.

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Great trip report, graptolites, and pictures. 


For people, interested in the background geology of these fossils, there are:


Wilkinson, H.E., Cherry, D.P., King, R.L., Malone, M.P., Willman, 

C.E. & Byrne, D.R., 1995. Bendigo, and part of Mitiamo. 

1:100 000 geological map. Geological Survey of Victoria.





Cherry, D.P. & Wilkinson, H.E.,1994. Bendigo, and part of 

Mitiamo, 1:100 000 map geological report. Geological 

Survey of Victoria Report 99.





Bull, S.W. and Large, R.R., 2014. Setting the stage for the genesis 

of the giant Bendigo ore system. Geological Society, London,

Special Publications, 393, pp.SP393-410.10.https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261113871_Setting_the_stage_for_the_genesis_of_the_giant_Bendigo_ore_system





Paul H.

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Lovely bunch of graptolites... Seems like they're reasonably common at goth sites, you never get skunked unless you only look for a couple minutes?

Been meaning to get a representative specimen of those for my collection, I see them available on the usual site..

Have you ever found any of the phyllocarids you mention?

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Thanks for posting photos of your finds and the site. I visited with @Monica and Viola this past summer and she gifted me a Tetragraptus from Spring Gully which she had recieved on a trade, so I'm sure she'd also enjoy viewing the enviroment these graptolites are found in.

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Such beautiful graptolites, Daniel - you're quickly becoming an expert on them - well done!!! :dinothumb:

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