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what is this?


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I found this in a load of gravel that came in for the drive it looked very different from the other stones and stuck out. At first I thought it was a squashed fossilized urchin but after looking at it more closely I just dont know...I have included as many photos as I could get of the outer part ... then I have some of the open side....my question is is this an urchin of some type or could it be an egg???.

Mon Sep 17 00-46-22....is the bottom of the item in question.




Mon Sep 17 00-47-39.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-45-57.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-46-22.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-43-50.jpg

Sun Sep 16 23-18-46.jpg

Sun Sep 16 23-25-09.jpg

Sun Sep 16 23-26-24.jpg

Sun Sep 16 23-23-25.jpg

Sun Sep 16 23-38-33.jpg

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Here is a microscopic view of the open portion on the bottom?...and by the way the item in question is a light tan if that helps....could the objects in it be tiny bone fragments or something else?.


Mon Sep 17 00-02-14.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-02-51.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-07-15.jpg

Mon Sep 17 00-07-42.jpg

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I don't know what the matrix is but it does not look sedimentary which is where most fossils get preserved. If it came with a load of gravel it points to younger deposits. You can get bits of Belemnites etc, from your photo I don't see a fossil. Someone else may have different ideas.

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Sorry, but I see nothing to indicate it's being more than a rounded clast.

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Looks like a quartzite or chert cobble, to me. 

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+1 for chert nodule.

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well it is interesting what ever it is looks like its squished ... its the fun of finding it and then finding out what it is or isn't.. and the search continues!


heres some better pics

measures about an inch and a half.

Mon Sep 17 10-11-32.jpg

Mon Sep 17 10-11-50.jpg

Mon Sep 17 10-12-27.jpg

Mon Sep 17 10-14-39.jpg

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